Flipkart business plan ppt example

The model here is: The following is an e. It has been able to earn with the introduction of monthly and yearly subscriptions for the third part vendors to boost the earning level to a larger scale. Amazon Business Model Business Model of FlipKart Company as a Whole Now as I mentioned earlier in the above section that FlipKart is not an Indian Regulated company any more, it is registered in Singapore and has many more subsidiaries to carry out related businesses to diversify and derisk its revenue model from those of the competitors.

This is the basic manner in which Flipkart earn its bread butter. Areas that need attention In my view, there are 2 critical aspects that are often overlooked. This is the space that will be solved by Flipkart in the near future.

Get valid discount coupons for flipkart and other online shopping portals to make your online shopping as effectively. The benefits of setting up your business in an online marketplace do not end here. You also get the opportunity to establish your own brand and become a household name.

It is an industry that can give you high returns with low investment. While the e-commerce in our country is a multi billion-dollar industry, it is not just the big guns that have profited from it. They also bought over Jabong.

Business Model of FlipKart

The revenues earned by the website myntra are accounted in total earnings of Flipkart. Hope you love reading this. You may also be Interested in Reading: Here, this online portal earned its revenue by getting a share in the revenue margins of Xiomi along with the advertisement and launching share over its platform.

But managing your business on an e-commerce platform is easy with the help and support an online marketplace provides you. Most businesses require you to rent or buy a space to set up a business, but e-commerce does not. The convenience fee also includes the gift wrapping charges, billings that add up to the total revenue of the company.

E-commerce–Your Big Business Opportunity

Following are the various revenue lines that FlipKart has for additional sources allied to its core business of revenue: Xiaomi launched all of its phones and other products exclusively in partnership with FlipKart in India.

With Flipkart and Amazon Indian Festival among others spreading the wishes with exciting offers, this festival is about to get a whole lot better. Coupon For Flipkart - Find latest Flipkart coupons, coupon codes, discount coupons, promo codes, and promotional offers for flipkart.

Basically transaction processing charges differ from mode to mode like it is lowest in Debit Card and Net Banking around 0. The total of Col I will be the total revenue of FlipKart from that particular sale, now the numbers here are small and are taken for the ease of calculation in actuals these numbers are hefty and run into billions of dollars Ref: Also the convenience fee billed to customers for gift wrapping, faster delivery add up to the total revenue of the web portal.

It is now facing a momentous management shakeup at the top. Here are just some of them to get the festivities started. Its very similar to other cash and carry businesses like Metro Cash and Carry which is dedicated for Retailers, WholeSellers Basically B2B the revenue from this line will be exactly similar to the Web Portal Revenue that FlipKart gets from selling goods on its platform.

Benefits aplenty As the proverb goes: Business Model of FlipKart from Listing and Convenience Fee FlipKart might start charging or may already be charging a listing fee for the sellers to be able to sell on its platform, which eventually adds up to the total revenue of the company.

Flipkart can take advantage of its brand value and work better with its consumer base. Thus with a better brand value, Flipkart needs to just renew its services as it already has a good amount of visiting customers. Flipkart Success. Flipkart is one of the top online selling web portals in India.

Find Flipkart business plan Latest News, updates, news articles and more information on Flipkart business plan from Business Insider India. Explore more on Flipkart business plan at Business. Business Model of FlipKart from Listing and Convenience Fee FlipKart might start charging (or may already be charging) a listing fee for the sellers to be able to sell on its platform, which eventually adds up to the total revenue of the company.

The procurement model is at the heart of Flipkart’s success, asmost delays or troubles occur in this part of business.• Flipkart employed consignment model i.e. procurement based ondemand.• It is the robust logistics at Flipkart that sets it apart from otherwannabe e-commerce sites.•.

Business Model of FlipKart (allianceimmobilier39.com Website) How Does FlipKart work: Flipkart is an e-commerce portal, B2C shopping Portal, for Indian customers or at-the-moment, customers ordering the goods for delivering in India.

business model of the case company and compare its business model with its main competitors‘ in order to find out the success factors for an online social company in the fiercer competition.

Flipkart PowerPoint PPT Presentations

According to the research objectives, the research problems are identified as follows.

Flipkart business plan ppt example
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Business Model of FlipKart | How Does Flipkart Make Money